how to cancel the holding the button

I would like to make a logic that the game cannot hold the button, because when I hold the “shoot” button the animation remains frozen and if I release it goes back to normal and I want to prevent the player from holding the button

Maybe something like

I’m just gonna code this out real quick. If you understand it, well done.

Weapon Blueprint 

bool bTriggerHeld = false    (so we are always aware whether the trigger is held or not)

Fire_OnPressed [from Character] -> Press Trigger
Fire_OnRelease [from Character] -> Release Trigger

Release Trigger: 
    bTriggerHeld = false

Press Trigger: 
    bTriggerHeld = true

    if (FullAuto)


FireFullAuto: if (bTriggerHeld)    (before firing, check if the trigger is still held)
                  Fire    (the actual fire operation)
                  Delay(FireDelay)      (respects fire rate delay)
                  FireFullAuto    (keeps looping FireFullAuto)

FireSingle: if (bTriggerHeld)