How to camera tracking for LEAP?

When I use the custom Controller Demo for the 4.7 Leap Motion plugin I have tried to attach a first person camera to the LM_DemoBoneactor so that the LEAP hands follow the camera when I move but it never works. Should I add to the LM_DemoControllerActor instead?

My overall question is how to get the Custom LEAP controller to follow the first person camera? I am running two custom plugins in the project file so I cannot simply switch over to the FPS Leap character example where the hands are attached to an FPS character.

My subquestion is how would I attach an FPS character controller to the custom LEAP controllers and the multiple LEAP controller.

Thank you to anyone in the community who can answer these questions.

What exactly does not work? Are you able to move and ur hands do not follow, or aren’t you able to move at all?

Attaching the LM Controller to your moving character shouldn’t be a problem. Just go into your character BP (which has movement and a attached camera) and add a LM Controller inside.

Keep in mind that the hands spawn offset from the controller position, so place them somewhere in front of the camera to be able to see them. (

Regarding your 2nd question… i’m not quite sure if I understand correctly…In fact, you do not attach FPS controllers to the leap controller, instead you attach the leap controller component to your character controller!
And regarding multiple controllers … you should be able to just attach multiple instances of the LM controller to objects, and they will all work simultaneously