How To: Camera Pawn Mobile Touch Drag to Move

Hello everyone!

Have a question on how to setup my player pawn’s movement. The effect I would like is camera movement like in the clash games or similar. My game is a top down perspective and I want the player to be able to drag to move the camera… Issue is I can’t get it to be “snappy” like in those mobile games.

Here’s what I have: PlayerController posted by anonymous | blueprintUE | PasteBin For Unreal Engine 4

Currently this will slowly lurch the pawn in the direction I want, but without regard to a quick swipe or the swipe’s distance… I need to somehow take into account the length of the drag and move the camera pawn according to that, versus my current method of linear movement with a cap (movement speed)

Can someone help me modify my controller to get snappy movement that can deal with quick and/ or “long” swipes??