How to call project code from source code (waypoint generation from knavish data)

Hi all, i also ask a related question on the answering-hub though i also will try it here describing my problem in a more general way.

Specific problem/task:
I have written a solution for two other engines before. I create waypoints from recast NavMesh data. During the tile-creation part in recast i grab the voxel data from recast and hand it over to (A). (A) in this engines is a “script” or “module” which can process the voxel data from recast. Of course this object (A) has to be created before the tile-creation process.

In my case only need the waypoints to be created at design-time not at runtime. But still i would be interested in how i could achieve the following:

  1. In the editor (A) is created/assigned which is able to process recast voxel-data.
  2. In the source code i add a few lines during the recast tile creation process and hand the voxel data over to (A)


  1. What could that (A) be in UE terminology? Module, Plugin, Something … ?
  2. How could i tell the added source code part (recast tile creation process) who (A) is so that it can hand over the voxel data?
  3. Should i change my thinking about the whole process?

Thanks a lot,