How to Call Multiple Custom Events With One Node?

Hi Guys,

Is it possible to call a number of events as targets of a single node instead of having a node for each?

Let’s say that I have to call 5 custom events at different locations in my blueprint which are fired by the same action, can I just run through a single node which will call all of them?


You can possibly use a sequence node and then they will fire one after each. Maybe create a new custom event that runs a sequence node which runs all of the other nodes.

Sorry I haven’t specified, I’m looking for a different way to do it other than a sequence (if there is), where I may have multiple custom events but only one targeting node.

e.g. (using your example) a Custom 1 targeting node which can call Custom 1, Custom 2 and Custom 3.

Why do you need this, what’s the purpose? Can’t you just call them one by one? Or maybe put all the calls to the events inside a function and then just call the function. Do you want them to be parallel? If I knew what you are trying to achieve with this, it would be easier to answer

Use an event dispatcher?

You can also bind functions like this.

You can’t handle delegates as input/output pins though. In fact, the array I showed you won’t work.

However, you also get the benefit of being able to bind events from other graphs to this dispatcher without having to have this class “know” about it.

is an issue about it. Leave your vote, if you wish!

Your only other option(s) is probably to involve C++.

Thanks for the answers, though an Event Dispatcher might be cleaner it’s still a bit messy, the nodes repetition bothers me greatly, I was looking for something really clean but I think that’s just not how it works.

There’s really nothing in particular that I need achieving, Surely I don’t need them in parallel, I wanted one node to call multiple events without a white line connection, like a blue custom event targets a red custom event output, I wanted to know if there could have been a blue custom event that targets multiple red custom event outputs, even if it’s just the same repeated, again, not because I need to achieve something in particular, ticking 15 or more custom events with different names even when they are called by the same thing happening but just outputting to different locations in the blueprint is fine, I just would have liked a cleaner looking graph without all the repeated nodes is all but, as I’m understanding, that’s just not how it works. Dispatchers, Functions, Macros, Graphs, Collapsed nodes, are the closest thing but still too messy for what I was looking for. Never mind, I’ll just carry on as is.

Anyhow, at the moment I’m simply getting a OnFinishedPlaying (Flipbook) which needs to notify quite a few states in the same blueprint. Would have been great if I could have had it call, let’s say, a Flipbook has ended Custom Event and than have multiples of the red outputs of that all over the place, even if they are called one by one wouldn’t matter, it would have just been cleaner.
Still, this situation is just one example of many that could have benefit from something like that. It’s so generalized that the specific situations are and have been uncountable so they don’t really matter.

Yeah you’re probably right. I’ll just keep using nodes as they are, if I have to go in and create custom scripted nodes in C++ for such silly thing it becomes counterproductive, it’s much faster without doing that.