How to call function from other class in Blueprint?


in c++ just i include the class and make variable with type of class then call the function.

but how to do this in Blueprint

i mean when i add variable then try to call function will not work because its not initialized yet, its just a reference
the parent class is uobject ,and that node construct object from class not working either , how to do it!

what i did is :

  • create new Blueprint class and choose object as parent and add a function

-i go to character blueprint and make variable from that class to call that function ,will not work

what i am missing?

if i create it as ActorCommponent its working but not what i want!

Construct Object from Class node works fine for me:

My engine version is 4.20.1 but it should not matter.

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OMG thanks i am having problem connecting to i miss “self” the outer was the variable thats the mistake i thinks its working now