How to call function from another blueprint

guys, I’m pretty newbie to blueprint I always preferred c++ so I’m kinda struggling here.
i wanna call a function from a child blueprint but I don’t know how to do it so I need some help.

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There are several ways to do that, I think you can make an object variable that points to that other blueprint. And access that function in question. That variable has to contain the object that is in the editor and you drag that object into the object details

This is my example for accessing from an animation blueprint to a character controller blueprint. I can access its functions and variables. But if you try it with a variable pointing to that object you will do the same thing.

You need to plug an actor reference into the Object input for your cast, but how you get that actor reference depends on the situation, so what do you mean by a “child blueprint”?

If you mean that the HorrorEngine class is the parent class of HorrorEngineCharacter, then you would plug in a “self” node into the Object input of your cast.

If by “child blueprint” you mean a Child Actor component, then drag in your child actor component from the component hierarchy and then from that “get child actor”. This will be the actual actor reference.

I’m using horror engine premade functions so idk wtf is going on lol.
but the way I understand it horror engine character is inheriting from character not
horror engine class.
but there is a child component attached to the camera that includes all the functions and stuff and I’m trying to modify some of the functions the way I want it. actually is there an easier way to do this? I’m trying to set capsule height while crouching but I don’t quite know how to access capsule component from horror engine class

Is this what you need?

yes but i dont know what too pass in as terget

the capsule reference itself needs a terget


In that case you have to access the other blueprint to scale the capsule. With a Cast.

i finally figured it out thanks evevryone

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