How to call Character functions and custom events from Player Controller?

I’m trying to create a custom event or function inside of my character which will swap between two cameras that are also located within the character. The camera swap works, however how can I call the functions/custom events of my character from external class blueprints? In short, how can I call the functions or custom events defined inside of my playable character? Should this be done from the player controller? I’m confused. This is quite tricky at first so I need a bit of guidance to get the hang of it. Thanks in advance everyone!

I think the easiest way to answer your question is with a video.
In this clip you will see that have a character blueprint named ‘BP_Char_FredSimple’.
I made a custom event in that character BP named ‘AimKeyReleased’.
To get that custom event in my animation BP for example, I need use a ‘Cast to’ node by dragging off of a ‘Get Pawn Owner’ node.

Fantastic. This works well for me. Thank you very much!