How to call an RPC on an actor with no owner?

I have a button panel in my level, and when a player presses the button I want to see that change on all clients. The panel is placed in the world - it has no owner. So I can’t run an RPC on the server to change the replicated value. RPC only run on the server if they are the “Owning Client”. So how do you replicate values on an actor like that?

Since the server spawns the Objects, you can give each Actor a uniqe ID (a simple integer Variable).

Call a “Call_RPC_On” Function, that has an ID as Input, on the Server. This Function uses GetAllActorsOfClass. From the output array, do a foreach and ask, if the ID is the same as the one posted into the Function. If yes, call the RPC Event there.

Awesome I did not eve know that existed! : D