How to call an interface function of a controller with a node?

Hello. I have a controller that implements interface (in C++). I need to call an interface function of this controller. But I can’t find such node. There’s a node cast to MyController, but I need exactly interface function.

if the interface is in C++, and your Controller is inheriting that interface via multiple Inheritance,

then that function is already part of your controller!


The issue would be that you did not make the interface function BP Callable (I am assuming you want to use this in blueprints

if you cant figure out how to make the IInterface function BP callable

create a wrapper for it in your Controller.h that IS BP callable

#Wiki Tutorial C++ Interfaces

#Wiki Tutorial BP Callable


Hello Rama,

I’ve read you tutorials 100 times, thank you very much - you’re making a job that unreal guys should do.

Anyway, in my example in order to access controller’s function from, say, HUD blueprint I need to get generic controller, cast it to MyController and only now I can access it. And I have all necessary metadata in *.h. That’s not what I want - I want to call exactly interface function.