How to call an event with a timer fonction who can be stop if condition change ?


i want make a player incapacited fonction were the caractère stay on the ground for 180s for exemple. After the 180s the player stand again at same location and start regen but other players can Resurect or deathblow him.

Resurect or deathblow will stop the incapacited timer

i don’t see how to use ‘‘set timer’’ and ‘‘clear timer’’ for stop the timer if rez / deathblow. Set timer tutorials arn’t very clear.

i can also make a timer for 180s and hide the % bar when rez / deathblow but that not seem to be à clean blueprint fonction.

If someone can say me what can be the best way to do that ? or how to use set timer for this ?

at the moment, my solution don’t work, i use event tick + simple +1 counter every second.