How to call a variable inside a Widget, on a blueprint?

Hey guys,
First of all, I’m new here, really exited using the Unreal Engine 4!!
Sadly, I get stuck with something that may be is silly, but here is the situation:

I create a Widget for the Main menu, here selecting a specific option the Mouse controller or the joystick will be available

Then on my main character blueprint, I need to get the value of that Variable

But sadly, I don’t know how to call the widget correctly.
Searching on the list… I found “Get User Widget Objet” but is not working.

So, here is the question: How to call a variable inside a Widget, on a blueprint?

Thx for your time, and sorry for my english!

Your options are to either:

  1. Store a reference to that widget when you spawn it and use that when needed
  2. Use the Get All Widget of Class function. This returns an array of widgets matching the specified class. Then you can verify it returned at least one thing and that it is the widget you want.

Thx a lot for the answer!! I really appreciate it!!

Today when I reach home, I figure it out a better solution in order to use the joystick and the mouse at the same time.
I just add this on the character and works great!!

Thx again 4 your time!!