How to call a function from .so lib on android?

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I need OpenSSL functionality on android. Theoretically assemble .so lib and add it to the project, I know how, but how to call a function from a .so from UE app I can not imagine. I am familiar with android development and a little with NDK. Can I call OpenSSL functionality and not load library in java, but directly cpp from cpp ?

Need a roadmap!

OpenSSL is compiled into libcurl.a for Android. You can just call the functions in libcrypto and libssl since they are linked in.

Created the wiki article how to add a shared library(.so) to android by the example of openssl.
Many thanks to Chris Babcock for the info.

Could you please provide some more details…

Where did you stored/generated it ?

Generally when you generated shared library from NDK it will be stored

$(NDKROOT)/apps/<MY Project>/projects/libs/armeabi/

U can link this using ‘LOCAL_LDLIBS :=’ with complete path.