How to call a custom event on server from client?

The following screen capture works fine when the server is interacting with the ‘Box’ but not when the client does. It seems ClientHandleClick is never called, not on client or server.

“HandleClick” is set to Multicast, reliable ticked.

“ClientHandleClick” is set to Run On Server, reliable unticked.

The actor in my screen capture is owned by the server.

Are you trying to have the server run an event for everyone as the server? Run on server server runs multicast event

I found that the problem was that you cannot call a Run On Server event from an object not owned by caller.

EG: The blueprint with the Run On Server is owned by server, but was being called by client – so it was not working.

The issue is resolved but I’m not 100% sure why it works. If I figure that much out I’ll update my thread; otherwise rather keep it empty to prevent bad information.