How to calculate the speed of the player for root motion animations?

guys how do i calculate the speed of the player if I’m not using the built-in movement input in the engine? i wanna use the speed in my blend space to determine how fast the player should go.

Problem here is that you probably need general answer to all possible animations.

So you trace location per frame (save them in array together with exact time).
Then calculate speed from time stamp and position, you probably want to interpolate a bit.

So pick location of any bone in player mesh and store last 10-20 locations (and timestamps).

Any other way i can think of would be level of complication around full IK solver.

i think u misunderstood my question, i wanna calculate the speed from axis inputs so that I can use it in my blend space, not the other way around.

That stuff is well documented in:

Instead of “get velocity” for pawn, you make variable inside pawn that stores axis input.