how to calculate the right speed to put in character movement max walk speed based on the animation

how to calculate the right speed to put in character movement max walk speed based on the i sync them

Just eyeball it.
you have to find the correct balance to where the animation doesn’t appear to be sliding around.

the best method is to create a button press in AnimBP, that adds 10 units to the base speed and prints out the current speed so you can keep track .

Then you just play in pie, walk around, and press the button to make the speed faster until you find the spot you are happy with.

could take a bit staring from 0 so I’d suggest starting already around 100 or so (10 less clicks).

my kiddy math: use the max arc of the legs to determine the distance + time to complete one step. I think you could use the modelling program to check the distance and time (in frames). These just came out hot from my a**, are not tested. Please report back the test result if you chose to do this.

It’s not bad kiddie math, but unfortunately in my experience being exact causes visible sliding.

Also, the only factor of time that is somewhat reliable is the number of frames in the animation - since animations can be sped up at will…
So you’d end up approximating the time by the number of frames.

A normal no bs walk cycle is 24 frames.
cut that in half to 12 for one length (since a cycle is both legs).

12 frames imported on a 30fps animation would be approx .4 second per length.

Avg. Step length is approx. 75cm (naturally it varies this is just average).

75cm in .4sec is
187.5 cm per second.

that’s also assuming that .4 sec is any accurate…

MostHost LA Super cool mat at the end you give 187.5 so if you go to Character blue print there is max walk speed this 187.5 cm/sec how it will be represented what value i need to type in to sync it with this calculation your number this is what i am trying to do i see that you are giving example number at the end. i use it just to point you to Help me :smiley: thank for the quick action.
PS: I have Fenced Max walk speed in red doted line in my screenshot to better show you what i mean.

Or just nag Epic to release their speed or motion warping tech they showcased years ago :). we’ve been waiting for it for a loong time I genuinely wonder why they delayed releasing it, can anyone shed light on this?

i have found method to get close to the desired result it is bye exporting the Curves of the animation from Blender for example there is plugin i am looking for this stuff but i need first to worn animation :smiley: i how after applying the curves to the animation it will be fixed.