How to calculate the minimum system requirements of your video game?

Hi, i do my videogame. I would like to be as calculate the minimum hardware sistem to play my game. There is a software that to this?

No. You have to do it :slight_smile:

Take a look at how well your game works on your own system, and you can make a judgement on how it will run on others.

It’s also good to get people to try a demo…

When developing a game, you typically decide what your minimum requirement system will be (CPU speed, cores, RAM, GPU level, speed, RAM.)
You then install the game on that system, and tune it until it runs well enough.
Then you document that as the “minimum requirement.”
If you developed your game for your own system, and don’t have any other system to test on, then you’ll have to either rent or borrow or buy a lower-end system, or find some people who have such a system to test on. Fixing whatever the problems are (too much VRAM usage, too much CPU usage, too heavy shaders, …) will be much harder if you don’t have the target system right next to your development system, though.

The good news is that lower-end hardware that’s years old tends to be easier to buy on places like ebay for not too much money, so you might be able to put something together within even an indie budget.

Hi, tnks.
At the moment i decided of Release a demo.