How to buy Unreal Engine 4 using PayPal?

Hi i have a question. I Try buy Unreal Engine 4 via PayPal but i se this screen Dropbox - Error how skip Credit Cart the payment method? I don’t have credit cart and do not want to give such information on the web. Please quick help.

Could you provide me an English screenshot?


The screenshot is in some fairly exotic language, but by the looks of things you have to insert your credit card details. IN case you have added value to your PayPal wallet by paypal-cards, select “log in” instead of “register” in the very first scree that pops up.

-Hope this helps, -DoctorPC

It is Polish, so there no exotic. I’ll try to solve it later. if anyone has any suggestions let him write.

Link który dałeś nie działa ; p
Link you gave does not work

Ok looks like i clicked wrong link, do you have any money on your paypal account?

Below is the correct link, but I think I know what the problem is, has not yet reached deposit funds into your PayPal account and probably for that asks for credit card details. If you continue to have this powtażać it will let you know.

I think thats the pronlem too, or else it would ask you about credit card data ; p