How to buy same thing multiple times using InApp Purchases for android(BP Project)?)

I want users to be able to buy same thing more then once. I have IAP in my android game and are working but after i buy one item the next time i try to buy it it says Alreadyowned. I want to be able to buy it multiple times.

You can Set your product to be consumable.

Here’s useful link from documentation.

Hope this helps.

Can you show your blueprints for in app purchases?

There is nothing to show it’s just one make in-app purchase node and if its successful i add in game currency to players account

if you are having problems setting up IAP:

  1. make sure you uploaded APK to google play console
  2. Created In-app product
  3. You are conected to google play subsystem, you can check this by connecting your device to PC, authorizing it and opening cmd, then in cmd you type ‘adb logcat’ this will return everything that is happening on your phone, if IAP dont work it will display error in logs and why its not working