How to build UE 4 from source on GitHub?

Hello, I need to build the UE4 engine from source, I downloaded 4.26.0-release from github. To build a project in Visual Studio, I need a correct version of Visual Studio, Windows SDK and .NET packages - which are described in the UE4 4.26.0 release note. I downloaded everything I need, BUT there was a problem, in the release note, it says that the version of Visual Studio 2017 is required, not 2019 version + Windows SDK 10.0.18362.0 version, but the problem is that in Visual Studio 2017, I cannot find such a version of Windows SDK, it is present only in Visual Studio 2019, but version 17 is needed in the release note, can anyone know what to do in this situation?

That’s just what they’re using, not requirements. What they mean is that they can guarantee those parameters will compile.

Here’s my environment settings (which work just fine)

With 4.26.0 source code of engine?

Yep, that’s with 26.0