How to build for android sdk 19 or above in unreal 4.16.3

hello everyone,please help
apk is not installing or if install then crashes to home without any error in devices which have lower than android 23 sdk level
everything was working fine until i installed 4.16.
in 4.15 i was able to build games for android kitkat and lollipop and they run perfectly

now build is only working in android 23 or above…
and if i try to instal it in lower version then apk not install error shows

i already try to set android 21 or 19 or matchndk and also latest in sdk level… nothing works…
i have android-work latest version…
everything is same as 4.15 but build is not working in lower version devices
but when i set everything 19 in sdk level and minimum and also target options then build actually installs but game doesn’t work it crashes to home without any warning

Hey men! since no one answer this one, I will tell you, first read this doc:

and also this one :

With the last one you ensure that your devide , the one you are gonna use for test can be use from the ue4 editor.

Hope this help you , if not , just let me know by
twitter : @manoloon1 , and we try to found the answer on coop.