How to build basic level?


Some time ago i started with Unreal Engine and i do understand the basics.
My question is, what is the right way to build a small and simple level?

BSP blocks in UDK give some rough architecture, but somebody told me that BSP blocks are not used in a final game.
Do i have to import these in a 3d modeling software?

What are the right steps to build a level?
I tried google but there are many articels and websites and they alle tell me different things.
Is there some kind of standard for creating levels?

I just want to create a simple level which has the following requirements:

  • 3D level
  • Only a few objects (models or walls or something)
  • first person or third person (no preference)
  • Use the default Unreal charcters and scripts

Can someone please explain me how to achive this, or post a link where i can find this information.

Thanks in advance

First of all thank you for your post

Some time ago I followed that tutorial completely.
But in those videos they use the BSP blocks to build all buildings (walls, doors etc).

Other people told me that it is incorrect to build with BSP blocks, it could result in performance issues.

Therefor, my question is: what is the correct way.
Build in Unreal with BSP blocks or build some rough architecture and import them in some 3D-moddeling software to create “models” from those BSP’s.

Block your level out with BSP or SuperGrid (see marketplace) or a combo of the two. Replace the BSP geometry and SG meshes with your own meshes as you start to add in the detail.

If you’re fighting with BSP or its fighting you, then skip it. Some like it, but its just a way of working and its not ideal performance-wise.
Instead try and get hold of modular-static-mesh-kits (community tools / marketplace etc), and build a scene like creating something with Lego…

BSP’s are fine for test env, what you heard is BSP’s are ( almost ) never used in a final game since you can get better details and better performence by using mesh’s

And I think you can transform BSPs into meshes with the editor.