How to build an FPS using Unreal and Blender

Okay so I have a basic understanding of both Blender and Unreal and decided I was going to dabble in making a first person shooter. I’m not aiming for realistic graphics I’m aiming for paper folded and origami looking characters and weapons. I want this to be an online multi-player game with weapon customization and character customization mainly just skins. I haven’t the slightest bit of a clue on how to begin and I feel like I might do things by accident that we’re needed. I saw somewhere that the best method to go about modeling an fps was making a whole character model for the 3rd person view and just hands for the first person. I have no idea how to combine these two things together…I guess is what I’m saying. My biggest concern right now that I feel like I’m gonna screw up is animations due to customization and different weapon type. First problem, if I had 10 guns made how do I animate each of them with the hands properly? Like do I just use the hand I made in blender move the gun from another blend file in animate stuff then remove the gun and then bring in another and repeat the process. Or do I have to copy the hand to all 10 gun files and animate them that way…this way seems like to me it would use up more space and is why I have the fear of doing things uneededly. And then if had a different glove on for the character because of their skin would I have to recreate the same animation for every single customization to the character? And this applies to the gun skins as well, combine the two and if that’s the case it sounds like a vast amount of combinations that would lead to an overload of individual animations for every possible customizable choice. Which is why I don’t believe this is the case and that I just believe I’m overreacting it but regardless I’ve yet to find any articles or videos that helped with my particular issue. I also only slightly know how to animate in blender I’ve only move objects like cubes around and key framed them, I’ve yet to use bones so I probably need help setting up my guns and animating them…also implementing the animations into unreal because I’ve only moved models from blender to unreal not animations. I am currently almost finished with my first gun which is a revolver and I just need to get the hands on the arms and then I will be ready to animate which is why I ask this in advance. I hope my questions were clear enough and I would appreciate any help on the subject.

Start by googling around and seek information. Download the fps shooter game example and start looking at the code and how they have done things. Then learn from it and build your own: Shooter Game | Unreal Engine Documentation