How to build an asset library

I am trying to go back to UE after some years focused on work and I am thinking about how to create my own asset library that I can move between projects with ease.

I work in architectural projects, so I have my own furniture asset library and this library is always getting bigger, my question is, is there any way were I can create a single file with my asset library and if I need a lets say chair for the project I am working on, I can simply drop it in my scene?

I don’t know if I was clear, I really want to speed up my workflow and the way I am doing is terrible so far, haha…

There is no limit to add static meshes (or other assets) to any project AFAIK. You can keep updating one or multiple projects containing all your meshes ready to use. You can migrate meshes from one project to another. So you might want to create projects containing only a type of meshes, in your case like dozens, hundreds or thousands of tables and another with chairs only and so on…then you can have a bigger project in which you migrate all those meshes and organize them in folders there.
This way you can quickly organize by type better and have multiple backups so that if anything goes wrong with the bigger project you can still get the meshes from the smaller ones and quickly recreate the bigger one from them. Anyway both the bigger project and the smaller ones should have at least a backup everytime you change something or add to them, creating a zip or 7z or rar archive of the project folder with all its subfolders is enough.

If you want to be able to move the library between multiple projects, it’s best to create a single project just for your library. From there you can add additional content whenever, and simply migrate to any subsequent projects you want to utilize them in. That’s what I do with my assets. I have a project called AssetHub which contains a specific folder structure and a large set of assets I can integrate with other projects while maintaining cohesion among them all. =)

Keep a file-folder with ALL youre assets packs, including working references to the /content root of UE. Have the working versions of each pack included, e.g. in the foldername.

Thank you for your time replying, I will try to create a good asset lib, with your ideas!!