How to build a realistic destroyed building

Greetings everyone.
As I am learning this incredible engine. My wish is to build maps as realistic as possible. I was avid ut 99 and UT 2k4 fan. Was part of a sniping clan. Sniping and camping only.

Would like to know how it’s possible to build destroyed houses, buildings, decayed, added with decals, moss and all.
But for starters. Destroyed building to begin with.



Do you folks already have destroyed models, or compatible for UE4 ?

Idealy, I would prefer creating them.

Take care.


Sure it’s possible, but it depends on your modeling skills.

You can download destroyed buildings from:

  • :///
  • ://www.blendswap/

Take a look at them and then you know how to create your own ones :slight_smile: