How to build a large game propperly for Android?


I have an existing Nintendo Switch game (2,5GB) which I want to port to Android. I expect it to be rougly around the same size as it’s already optimized for mobile hardware like the Switch.

I managed to build the game but as soon as it starts. it says

No Google Playy Store Key
No OBB found …

However I’m not able to find much usefull informations on this topic.

How do I build a larger game correctly for Android?


Based on my findings, there are a few who, in the past, experienced this issue.
[Solution!] No Google Play Store Key (No OBB found and no store key) - Platform & Builds / Mobile - Unreal Engine Forums
Many solutions in this thread you could give them a try.

There is also a Youtube video that takes you through various steps to fix this issue. You could give it a watch and see if that fixes the problem.
(15) No Google Play Store Key (No OBB found and no store key) - YouTube

I am a step further but now at a dead end.

While building the game, UE5 asks for a new attempt on turn key. Which always fails. There are very litte informations about this online for a source build UE5. Everything I found I have tested but nothing works.

How comes that Android needs such a messy setup process?