How to build a coordinate system in game using blueprint?

I tried to use Get Input Mouse Delta and Add local Offset,but there’s a problem,sometimes the actor goes opposite way.
Here’s the code for X-axis.


Any idea please?Thank you very much.

well. multiplying it by a direction vectors float value is one problem.
both the mouse delta, and the break vector will sometimes output negative values. and when you multiply negatives, you get positives, being the opposite of what you expect.

eg: 2x2=4sensitivity(say 2)=8
sensitivity(say 2)=-8
-2x-2=4*sensitivity(say 2)=8

What are you trying to acheive - because adding local offset using the forward vector(it is a direction… not a position) seems strange, you should be using the local transform for the actor/component(not world)