How to build a composite vehicle


I’m trying to build a composite tank which can change parts during gameplay.

So far I have working WheeledVehicle (4 wheels) with my rigged model attached to it.


I have a problem with turret - if its close or intersecting body then tank starts shaking or even flying to the air.
If I place it further away then there is visible gap which places limitation on design.
Is there a way to avoid collisions between parent body and children?

I’d also like to implement different armor thickness on different faces.
Could you please point me to a way how to define thickness of physics body at collision point?

I’m very new to UE so please excuse me if these questions sound stupid.


What seems to be happening is that the physics of the turret is affecting the physics of the hull. You will need to tell the hull to ignore the turret.

Review this:

And this:

Alternately, you may be able to attach the turret to the hull with a socket.

The hull thickness is a separate topic. Best to create a new thread for that. For that I would use ray-tracing.