How to break tiling repetitiveness using World Aligned Texture node?

All tutorials I’ve watched on Youtube thought how to break tile repetitiveness using Sample Texture. But none or at least I haven’t found one that teach how to break tiling repetitiveness using World Aligned Texture node.

Anyone knows how to do this or provide a link to a related video?

The idea is to overlay another texture , pattern or for example randomization of color / contrast which will hide a single repetitive texture. Without such an overlay even the most perfect seamless texture would look repetitive. Many landscape tutorials are about this topic and there are a few about how to make realistic grass / plants which discuss automated color variation in materials.

Is there a tutorial for a non landscape?
I want to use it for walls.

It’s the same process, because you use a material for both and that material asset contains the logic.

Texture Bombing may be an option?

Texture bombing setup - YouTube

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Both suggested tutorials are using Texture Sample and Texture Coordinate Node.
While I need to use World Aligned Texture Node.

The problem of using Texture Sample Node, the result / appearance / the tiling size of the material on the mesh will change according to the scale of a mesh. Then I have to tweak it’s u tiling and v tiling for each different mesh to make the look correct. While by using World Aligned Texture Node. I don’t have to. It will ignore the scale of the mesh.

If there’s no way of breaking tile using World Aligned Texture Node. I guess bombing is the alternative for my case since I don’t have to use two different textures or more.

Tried Texture Bombing with the World Aligned setup.

I used two texture objects, each of them with separate texture bombing node.

The Noise node comes from another texture, as well with its own texture bombing.

While having proper UVs may give you better results faster, at least for this specific situation I’d say the outcome is sufficient. The tiling for the noise had to be really small, otherwise the patterns were noticeable.



I don’t know how to connect worldtexturealigned with texture_bombing. Since both of them is inconnectable directly.

I don’t use the WorldAlignedTexture node, simply because my materials exist since the beginning of working with Unreal Engine and my copy+paste master material mayhem does it without, for now … (maybe I should consider some refactoring there)

My World Aligned / Triplanar mapping comes from a Material function that somewhat resembles that one: [Material] Super cheap triplanar mapping solution : unrealengine (

I’m a novice on this.
What this nodes suppose to do?

You can connect the output of these nodes into the UV input of your texture. If you connect a Multiply node inbetween, you can increase or decrease the tiling of the projection.


This link provides you the material code. Just copy + paste all the code lines into your material graph.

Unreal 4 Triplanar UVs -

There is a problem that I do not understand when I am trying to connect worldtexturealigned with texture_bombing. Because both of them are inaccessible directly, there can be no direct connection between them.