How to break bones?

Anyone know how to break bones in skel mesh?

I’ve a spider character and want to make destroy effect when all of the bodies will be phys bodies and without any connections. Something like killing skeletons in fantasy games.

Be grateful for tips!

Hey! What a coincidence, I was trying to do just that with one of my characters.

Here’s what I did:

All the magic happens in the Physics Asset.
When you’ve completed setting up your physics asset, go into constraint mode and select the joint(s) you want to break.
Under ‘Linear Limits’, you’ll see how much the bones are allowed to get displaced from their base positions and there’s also a Linear Breakable flag. Turn it on for all bones you want to break and put in a threshold that defines the magnitude of force needed to break those joints.

Now when you enable ragdoll physics on your spider (you can look up ‘Set Simulate Physics’ for Blueprints), you might have to apply some sort of force at that location and your bones will fly out. If there’s no force and your threshold is low enough, all the bones will fall apart and down under gravity.
Let me know if this doesn’t work for you, because I just did it successfully.


Xenlock - many thanks! It’s working BUT they aren’t breaking I still can see that bones are aligned to vertexes. Probably it’s mesh issue, or not? EDIT: Well it’s my phys asset issue.

Yes, make sure you set up the Physics Asset properly. There’s a bunch of tutorials by Ori on the Unreal Youtube channel - check them out!

When I set this up, I don’t get any collisions on the physics objects. Any idea?

Edit: Fixed it, just have to enable collision on the mesh at the same time.