How to Bounce Jump?

Hello, I am wondering if it is possible to recreate the “Bounce Bracelet” from Sonic Adventure 2/ 06 via blueprints.The most I have is a “Launch Character” node with a negative value. I tried to increase the gravity scale whilst pawn is in air, but it doesn’t reset when I have a branch with a condition of “Is moving on ground”. If anyone could solve that issue and have the character to “bounce” when it hits the ground, then I’d really appreciate it, guys. If possible, please post an image with instructions. Thank you.

Hi Alpha Develop,

I’m not super familiar with Sonic 06 and I couldn’t find any videos explaining exactly what that bracelet does; however, here is a bouncing setup I created that can be added directly to the 3rd Person template. You should be able to alter it to do just about whatever you need.

Let me know if you have any questions.



Thank you so much for the help, but I was wondering how to apply this to an input node (i.e. “InputAction Bounce”)

If you haven’t made the Input Bind, go to your project settings (found on the top of your editor, in found in “Settings”

If you have, simply search for that input node and connect it to the logic.

This isn’t working with the system I’ve set up. Here’s the image of said system.