How to blueprint resident evil hd remaster style controls?

Hello I have asked this question elsewhere and no one will respond. I don’t know what to do. I have fixed cameras in my level much like resident evil and when I enter the trigger the camera changes (Which I want to happen) and so does the players direction orientation This is annoying because for the controls to make sense they need to be based on the position the camera is facing, THE PROBLEM IS if I am leaving a camera trigger for a camera that is behind my characters back the controls are fine. If the camera is to the side of the character or in front the character changes direction. I can’t have the players movement on a linear Axes because the when I hit a camera that is in front of the play the controls feel backward unnatural. I am begging for the love of god can someone please help me!! :’(

P.s. If someone needs a video example of what I’m trying to accomplish I’ll find one and post it.

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You’ll want to use Set Control Rotation (Play around with it with your static cameras or connect to the camera’s rotation):

Documentation: Set Control Rotation | Unreal Engine Documentation

When you change camera angle, Get the Player Controller and set it’s Control Rotation accordingly.

Thank you, this seems helpful but I am very new to this. Do I hook my MoveRight input into Set Control Rotation? I’m sorry. I’m trying my best to learn.

Can you post a screenshot of the Blueprint handling for your input?

This is a shot of my fixed camera as for the player movement I’m just using the third person template. I don’t understand where I should use SetContolRotation, if it should go in my players movement BP or the BP for the cameras?


That? It’s just the standard thirdperson

I think so I really don’t know what I’m doing here

Ok I did that but not if I exit a camera back and enter a new camera that is in front of my characters body (Facing his front), my controls become reversed and he turns around.

Sorry…I need to see how you’re actually handling the character move and look input events, not triggering the camera changes.

Yeah, that. The problem is you’re using the player’s forward and right vector. I assume you want the camera’s forward & right vector?

Without knowing exactly what sort of input system you’re going for here, hopefully you can troubleshoot the rest on your own. Those vectors passed into the AddMovementInput function are going to define which direction the player moves on any given frame. You just gotta make sure they’re set properly.

Here’s a video want to accomplish (the parts where the camera is fixed). When the player enters a new camera angle the forward direction continues. What I want to happen is for the players direction to only reorient to the rotation of the new camera once I let go to the direction controls.

I realize this was made in UDK but I don't see why it can't be done in UE4

You’ll have to add some logic where switching to a new camera updates the forward/right vectors only when the player stops giving movement input.

I deiced to change project settings input so that the character would rotate with left and right direction and only be able to move forward and backward (like old resident evil tank controls). This way the cameras are viewed at the set angles without changing the direction of the controls. If there’s a better way I honestly can’t figure it out. Thank you for your insight and advice.

np! glad you found something that works for you.

I’ll work on an example project for you, Hang tight :slight_smile:
Edit: Done, Just uploading for you!

Wow really!? that’s amazing dude!


Video: - YouTube

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

I made an example project for you and added it as a comment to the other person’s answer as not to steal their thunder :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks so much this is great! I can’t believe you did all this. But there’s a bit of a problem there is a deadzone when the character turns around while standing in between the camera triggers the cameras will not swap and the player will walk off screen when moved. I know in unity I could use OnTriggerStay but there’s nothing like that in UE4. Is there anyway to check if the character is inside the Trigger and not just overlapping it?