How to blueprint character facing mouse cursor with no mesh snapping in platformer game

Problem Statement:
I would truly appreciate some guidance. I am creating a 3d platformer game and would like the player character to keep facing where the mouse cursor is pointing, like a shooter platformer. I managed to setup character movement and facing towards mouse cursor, however the character has ugly snapping when the mouse cursor moves from -Y direction to Y direction of the character’s capsule. Refer to below pictures.
Character facing negative Y
Character facing positive Y

How can I setup my player character blueprint to have the character turn with animation from positive to negative Y directions and vice versa.

Thank you in advance for the help.

I figured it out. I added 10 in the x-direction, thus my cursor passes infront of the player and allows the character to look at it as it passes by, my next step is to add a turn animation for this.
I have pasted the screenshot below in order to help anyone that might want to know how I solved it.