How to blueprint a door opening by shooting a target?

So I am trying to make a blueprint where when you shoot a target a door will open. I am extremely new to blueprints and have no prior coding knowledge so I don’t know where to start. I have made previous door opening blueprints where when you walk into a trigger box a door opens, as well as “press F” to turn a light on blueprint. Just the most basic ones.

In my mind I want it to go: with the default gun in Unreal (the one that shoots yellow balls) when you shoot a target (another mesh) that will trigger a door to open.

It’s just the same thing. Instead of you standing inside a collision box and pressing F, the ball flies through the collision box on the target, and nobody presses F :slight_smile:

Important is just, that after entering the collision, you cast the incoming "Actor"against the ball BP, to make sure it is the ball :slight_smile: