How to Block pawn?


I need your assistant,
I want to block my pawn Ball from all sides, but this pawn breaking through walls.

My pawn collision settings:

My walls have cracks that are smaller than a ball. But ball still crawls through them

I try to BlockAll wich CCD on, but it doesnt help.

Please tell me which settiings to use?

Hey there @Eugene-chn! Is the ball falling through the walls entirely or is it “crawling” through the holes? It looks like from your selection that the walls and the gray holes are separate meshes. Do they have collision volumes as well?


Ball is falling through the walls.
All walls and parts are separate meshes with separete collisions. Is it important to merge all meshes? And how can I do it in BT?

Maybe it’s not because of the settings you’ve made. They do look reasonable. My guess is that since you’re using a custom mesh, it doesn’t have any collision boxes. You can check that if you click on collision in the mesh above and you can’t remove any, you don’t have a collision either.

I think the main issue is a one player press pawn into the wall. I try to add thick box collision with big weight.

You don’t have to merge all meshes/collisions, I was just getting an idea of how your scene is set up. Now depending on how you set up your balls’ actual movement there’s a bunch of possibilities. I’ll just go ahead and throw out a couple of common issues that come up with collisions and you can test for all of them.

Common issue 1: The walls may not have a basic collision in their mesh.
If the walls aren’t making ANY contact with the ball, it’s possible that they have a complex collider but not a simple one. sometimes when you bring in custom static meshes you may have to give it a manual collision mesh in a number of ways.

So first thing, open up your wall static mesh, then enable these two settings. The Green lines are it’s simple collision and the blue lines are it’s complex collision.

If you don’t have the green simple collision you’ll have to generate it, which should work right out of the box for walls like yours.

Then just to make sure that the collisions are set up to BlockAll.

Common issue 2: The ball’s movement isn’t taking collision into account. If you’re using any movement node that has this boolean called “Sweep” on it, it should be checked on

This bool stops the ball from continuing to move into walls it makes collisions with. Most people using balls as their players use physics, but I’ve recently ran into a couple using direct translations like this so I figured I’d mention it.

Common issue 3: The ball’s collision settings are off.
Since most people use the default spheres, this is rarely the case. If it is, just make sure the collision is set to block all.

If none of these are the issue. If you’d allow us to take a look at the full static mesh for the walls, the ball, and your entire player pawn and settings and I can give more specialized advice!

Thank you for advices, there are my tests:

  1. All meshes already has simple and complex collisions. in this case I use box collisions on all sides and meshes with No collision.
  2. Some offsets were without Sweep, but it but it didn’t help.
  3. Collision is block all on all components and pawns

I can share with you video example of such issue.

I also have a second problem related to collision, if the ball does not give in to hits for a while, then it stops moving.

Huh, it looks like it’s being ignored in it’s entirety like it’s set to ignore or just overlap. Either that or it’s movement is agnostic as well.

May I see how your balls’ movement is controlled? Some movement nodes don’t have sweeps but also completely ignore collision unless it’s from the Rigidbody passing them over.

If the ball was the pawn I’d recommend to swap your viewport to Player Collision view, this let’s you visualize what collides with the pawn.

Lastly, if you could trace during game to the wall to check and see if it’s collisions are intact at all during play, then we could probably narrow it down.