How to block button click event go through.

I am writing a mobile controller for my game. In my case, I create a TouchController class inherited from UUserWidget and bind the touch event with the main character like this:

Controller->InputComponent->BindTouch(IE_Pressed, this, &UTouchControls::OnTouchStarted);
Controller->InputComponent->BindTouch(IE_Released, this, &UTouchControls::OnTouchEnded);

Touch screen will rotate character’s camera.

And I also have to add some extra button on TouchController UI, I also bind some function with button OnPressed event like this:

Button1->OnPressed.AddDynamic(this, &UTouchControls::HandlePressed);

However when I tested it on mobile device, I found click the button will break the rotate touch event, since it also triggered a OnTouchEnded event.
My question is how to block button click event pass through and reach touch screen.