How to block attack with shield?

i can’t block AI boss, i turned on collisions but it is not working…

Your question is…?

What do you set up? Any Screens or blueprints? Please write in more Detail instead of nothing works.

this is boss BP , when he attack me i can’t block it with shield, when i attach shield it’s collision disappears…

Create a bool veriable and set it true if character in blocking state. Put branch before apply dmg to character and control it with the blocking state bool variable. If you want to make it more complicated than that. You can do “math magic” before setting blocking state true so it can be true only when “math magic” fires it.

But if ai will attack me and i’m turned back than he can’t apply damage …

already done, p.s i created new object types 1)shield 2)boss

Then control if your character facing towards to AI use double branches

thx anyway ^~^