How to blend properly

Hello guys, I just started UE4 about 1 month ago,
And already bought an asset from Riko (Two Handed Animset).
And the concept is the next:
There is one animation called: start run, run, end run (I made blendspace for all of it)
All of them are full body animations.
And I can’t find a way to blend them propelly.
The way I tried it: I did a movement state to know my current state
MovementStateEnum: Idle, JustStartedToRun, Run, JustStopedRun
If my current state is: JustStartedToRun, in my StateMachine I jump to JustStartedToMove
If my current state is: JustStopedToMoving, in my StateMachine I jump to JustStoppedMoving

The way it is, when I jump from Just Started to Move to Movement Its not looks smooth (so like if there would be some frame skip (like 10) )

So one approach is to use the Animation Time Remaining in the transitions out of Start Run and End Run.

This way those play exactly for the length of the animation.