How to blend from gameplay to a level sequence?

So I’m a bit lost trying to find an answer to blending my gameplay into my cinematics.

The style I’m using involves seamless blends into my cinematic sections so I don’t have anywhere I can hide jumpy cuts, I’m using “set view target with blend” to switch from the players camera to a camera filming the level sequence.

The issue I have is I have a NPC that will be playing a looping animation using the ‘use animation asset’ as it’s ‘animation mode’ but when the cinematic begins and the camera blends over to the new view camera I want the NPC animation to blend into it’s level sequence animation. Right now it just jumps to the first frame of the level sequence animation.

I am triggering the level sequences using ‘create level sequence player -> play’ code in the level blueprint.

I understand how to blend animation weights within the level sequence between animations used inside the sequence, but my issue is about blending in & out of gameplay when the sequence player starts and stops.

The only google answer I could find related to customizing the ‘animation blendspace blueprint’ so that it could be triggered to blend into a sequencer death animation, which was applied to the 3rd person character. But I’m trying to go from a static looping instance of the NPC mesh set using animation mode ‘use animation asset’, into the level sequence animations.

Also while I’m asking, is there any way to blend animations between separate individual level sequences, that could also create the desired effect for me.

Basically what I’m trying to achieve is this:

1 - Player walks into a room and sees my NPC in a looping animation.
2 - Player walks over a trigger box and the NPC blends into another looping animation.
3 - Player walks over another trigger box and a level sequence plays where the NPC blends from existing gameplay animation into the sequencer animation.
4 - Sequencer ends and the NPC blends from end of sequencer animation into another gameplay looping animation.

What should my approach be to get this effect?

bump, surely there’s an answer to this, it’s not a very complicated request.

This seems to be the closest thing to an answer, in case anyone else was wondering.

Basically you blend an animation blueprint into your level sequencer.