How to blend from animation to physics(ragdoll) and back to animation

Hi, can some one help with smooth blend from animation to physics and back to animation, for now if i set simulate physics i easy can go from animation to physics(for example i can set my character mesh to ragdoll), but if i want back to animation by disable “set simulate physics” it set immediately to animation back, but i want smoothing transition… also in answer hub(How would my pawn go Ragdoll and then back to animations? - UE4 AnswerHub) i find some information but it not work for me, so maybe some one succeeded on this task?
here is picture

You should Set Simulate Physics to false only on the finished pin of your timeline.

The problem is you’re blend-weighting physics from 100% to 0% AFTER disabling it, so none of that blending has any effect.