how to blend animations without moving?

i am having troubels to get my animations blended. If i make a moving animation, i use the Blendspace1D and put it then in a animations BP. But i only want to blend some animations while the character is not moving. Only some blends between idling and talking and picking up someting from the floor, etc. But the obviously the Blendspace1D cannot just be dragged in the game without a according BP.
When i use Animation montage it kind of works fine, but there is no actual blending between the animations! Has anyone an idea where i make a mistake?

cheers ,

You could even blend between anims without a Blendspace1D if you do it in the statemachine. For example if you try to do this with the default ThirdPerson_AnimBP which comes when you create an empty third person project. Go into AnimGraph and doubleclick on the “Default” state machine then drag a further arrow from your “Idle/Run” state add a new state called something like “Talking” and from there an arrow back to your Idle/Run. Setup some conditions in both of the new “Transition rules” (those symbols at the mid of that new arrows). For example create some “IsTalking” bool variable (that would be set via cast or interface from your character blueprint afterwards) doubleclick on the Transistion rule, drag and drop the variable there and pull a wire to the “Can Enter Transistion” rule. Do the same with the transistion rule that goes back to Idle/Run but place a “Not” between your IsTalking and “CanEnterTransistion” rule. Afterwards back in the statemachine click again on the Transition rules and choose some of the various available blendings (e.g. Hermite Cubic, Linear, Circular in, …) in the Details tab. And don’t forget to choose your talking anim in that new state.