How to blend aim-offset blendspace with a shooting / recoil animation?


How do you blend an aim-offset blendspace with a shooting animation?

Currently I have the aim-offset blendspace blended with my running and crouching etc blendspaces, but would like to now add an shooting animation on top of this.

Anyone know?

Many thanks!

Is this even possible?

I had a similar issue, but I am not 100% sure if this will be the end all answer since I have only been able to test it on one type of weapon so far that being my characters revolver.
If you go to open up your characters animations you can do a slight modification to the animation you are useing in your Aim Offset each time your characters weapon shoots. My characters aim offset was with a revolver and I needed some type of animation to play when the player looks up or down and the character follows.
Withen the animation that is being used for the weapon, go to the addivie settings in the left diolouge menu and it may take some playing around with other animations but for this character I just used the same animation on top of itself. With the animation chosen I wanted it to only affect local space adding to the origional animation.
Lastly you will need to choose a keyframe you want to blend with, again this will be based on prefrence but the best fit for this blend was at the aniamations most extreme when the revolver reached its full kickback when fired.

After you save and compile it, hopefully it will allow you to blend the animations while still having your character maintain the direction of their Aim Offset. Hopefully this helps but I am still open to finding a better solution if there is one out there.

Ok thanks! I will try this out today and let you know how it goes :slight_smile: