How to bind widget checkbox to particular game setting(s)?


I’ve been struggling to implement this function and I’m hoping one of you Blueprint geniuses can help?

I’m designing a simple demo. There’s a main camera with a corresponding UI widget, from there I can click on a settings icon that takes me to a Settings menu (OnClick > switching to a second camera (set view target) > removing all widgets > adding 2nd widget to viewport).

the following image shows you how the (2nd) Settings widget looks:

The 5 dark grey icons are checkboxes and by default they are in the unchecked state. So every time this settings menu comes up, the widget is created and added to the viewport with all default checkbox states, meaning they’re all unchecked.
When I click on any of those checkboxes, the BP runs a sequence of “execute console commands” (e.g., r.ScreenPercentage 50)

Everything works perfectly, but once I choose high, medium, low, 1080P, or 720P, and exit the settings menu, upon returning, I’d like to see the appropriate checkboxes still checked, instead of the default unchecked states. I know I need to create bindings for them. But how do I bind them to detect the game settings they themselves trigger?
So, IF “get game settings” are this this and that, THEN checkbox is checked…

Thanks so much for your time!