How to bind to OnScalabilitySettingsChanged event

I want to do additional operations when texture quality is changed and have been trying to bind to the Scalability::OnScalabilitySettingsChanged event as a way to trigger the code, but after adding my function to the event the event seem unaffected like my function wasn’t added to the InvocationList.
The strange thing is that I see the function being added to the list when I use the debugger, but Scalability::OnScalabilitySettingsChanged remains empty after my bind function.
This of course results in my function not getting triggered by the broadcast when settings are changed.

Code used to bind the function
DelegateHandle = Scalability::OnScalabilitySettingsChanged.AddUObject(this, &UScalabilitySubsystem::UpdateScalability);

I have tried adding my function in many other ways as well as binding using Lambda, but it just remain empty afterwards.

I don’t know what I am doing wrong and suspect that there is something wrong with the setup for the OnScalabilitySettingsChanged event itself, but there might be something I am overlooking.

Have anyone else managed to successfully bind to this event?