How to bind print string score to widget?

So i searched online and found tutorials of how to bind print score to widget, but the examples they give are totally different than my project and its hard understanding. I’m asking how would i go about successfully binding my print string score to widget so the widget will show the score. The first image is my spanner that spawns the enemies randomly right when the game starts. As you can see the node SpawnActor Thing(Enemy) and spawner reference is connected to get reference to self. The second image is my enemy BP and shows the score system. So how would i bind this to widget text? much help appreciated.

I would create a variable in your GameMode which is of type Spawner (reference).

Then in your Spawner, On Begin Play do a Get Game Mode → Cast to Your GameMode Type → Set Spawner Variable to self. Which basically registers the spawner on the GameMode.

Then from the HUD you can do a Get Game Mode → Cast to Your GameMode Type → Get Spawner → Get Score.

Sorry i’m not good in BP that’s why i’m not really good in BP, could you provide example BP’s? If not then i can figure out and apply what you said by my self. Thanks?

Which part don’t you understand?

So i created the spawner refrence in the game mode override is what i assume(my gamemode is called Mobile). Is this how it’s supposed to look like. Sorry if it’s wrong

Ya it is wrong i didn’t compile i forgot it needed an input for object.

I’m sorry but i have trouble understanding people unless they go into detail. Can you be more specific. Sorry.

Ok, getting there.

The object input is the node “Get GameMode”.

And your last node is a getter, but you need a setter.

All the above code should be in your Spawner BP.

So I did what you did and went on to the HUD but when I completed it and compiled it gave me this error. Binding: property text delegate on widget text block_74 : Binding none : None was not found on HUD