How to bind part of a mesh to a socket


I was wondering if it’s possible to bind only a part of a mesh to follow a socket’s position, but have the rest of the same mesh static and always keep the same position. Here’s an example :

I want the square (highlighted in red) to stay at the same position on screen, but having the tip of the geometry (highlighted in green) to move dynamically, following a socket from another mesh.

Don’t hesitate if you have questions/need more info!


You can do it with a Spline Mesh Component. A spline with 2 linear points will happily deform a static mesh like that.

I did some tests and it does seem to work for what I want, however I’m meeting another problem, the Set Start Position node from the Spline Mesh seems to only be local, so I’m trying to find a way to feed it the good values by somehow converting the world location of the socket to the good local values needed for having one end of the spline follow it. Thanks!

Thanks @everynone, putting the mesh as Spline Mesh Component worked, and about setting the Set Start Position to the same spot as the other actor, here’s how I did it.

Hope that helps anyone with the same issue!