How to Bind groom to an Alembic Animation

I tried to bind an Xgen groom exported from Maya, to an animation (also exported from Maya).
Inside of Unreal 4.26.1, I am not able to bind the groom to the Alembic Animation.

Does anybody know what I am missing here and how I can fix that problem?

Thanks a lot for any little help,
appreciate it!

Would love to know if that is possible as well.

I would like to know of a good tutorial out there for this as well. When ever I try to bind the groom to the alembic mesh I get a crash.

I’d love to know if this works as well. In fact, I’ve had zero luck getting a groom to bind to a skeletal mesh or a geometry cache.

Ahhhhhhh Yess! Alembic groom binding works in UE5 5.0.3 Thank you, this is so huge for my production! :grinning:

Hi, how exactly did you manage to bind the groom to geometry cache?
I have a character with animation in alembic form and I exported a single frame of the XGen groom from Maya also as an alembic.
When I am trying right click on groom in order to create the binding I have to set the alembic in both target and source?
Also after that when I hit play the groom doesn’t follow the head. I have UE 5.0.3
Thank you in advance

Here is a quick video capture, I had to post screen captures cause the vid was not showing UE menus as I recorded. Let me know if you have any questions?

You don’t need the source geometry cache I think this is for if you have done a sim in another software.


Yes, it’s working perfect.
Thank you very much

another question.
When I am rendering with movie render que, I see some weird artifacts on the groom something like self movement of hair, like jittering.
The groom is not dynamic just bind on an alembic surface, it follows the alembic but each hair is jumping. I try to raise the samples on the aa but no luck.
Any ideas?

yes. exactly what iam looking for. thank you very much brother…

If I am setting up a character in T-pose to then load multiple animations, what would the process be?

Importing a model and binding it to the groom is relatively straightforward. What’s the easiest way of importing new animations on that setup when the first frame is not at the origin?

Can I import alembic GeometryCaches and apply them to a skeletal mesh?