How to bind events in ui widgets?

According to here:, in order to avoid bindings which are costly, I can bind events to functions that perform updates on a pre-defined schedule. However, I am not able to do that in 4.23.1 in widget blueprints. What am I missing here?

I just realised I was doing things the wrong way using bindings for my hud after reading the link you mentioned. I am also on 4.23.

I was able to use the method mentioned in the document regarding Event Dispatchers. Since my hud info only needs to update approx every 1 second, I was able to use event dispatchers instead of bindings which run every frame or so and I was casting every frame also. So, first of all, thanks for the link.

Secondly, what issue are you running in to? I experimented with the different ways it mentioned in the document and had no issues with any of them.