How to bind an image to Enumeration?

**Hello I have question, I made Enumeration for a Level Select, how to bind a different image for each Enumeration button background?

and thanks**

I believe what you are looking for is a structure.

A Structure is a collection of variables that can be grouped together.

For example, you could make an Structure called Struct_MenuLevel (Or something)

Inside the structure you would make 2 variable types. The first would be your Enumeration, and the second would be your Thumbnail image (Texture 2D).

Then in your widget class (I’m assuming your code is in a widget BP), You would have an array of those structures, with all your different Struct_MenuLevel entries. Then you would pull the name from the enumeration at index x, and the thumbnail image from the Texture2D at index x of your array. Come to think of it, you don’t really need an enumeration. You just need a structure of String’s paired with a Thumbnail image, then pull from that in your widget.

let me know if you’ve got more questions