How to bind an Event Dispacher to all spawned actors of a class?

I’m making a mobile puzzle game using the puzzle template. A grid of blocks is spawned by the Puzzle Block Grid just like the template. I’ve made it so the player can drag a pawn to a block in the grid and drop it there. I want each of the puzzle blocks to communicate with the level blueprint about what pawn they contain using an Event Dispatcher. The problem is with the Bind Event in the level blueprint. I don’t know how to set the target to be all the puzzle blocks, especially since I can’t get a reference to something that hasn’t been spawned yet. How do I set the target? Or is there a better way to do this?

In theory you should be binding the event for each puzzle cube right after you’re spawning it. e.g. spawnactorfromclass>bind event. So whichever blueprint is handling the spawning should be where it’s bound.

So the grid BP is spawning the puzzle blocks. Do you mean to have the bind in the grid BP as it’s spawning those blocks?

That worked! Thanks a lot JoshieZombie!